for teachers

The following lesson plans were developed by educators to use this site and the work of William Stafford in the classroom. If you are an educator and are interested in contributing to this list, please email Doug Erickson.

Animal Poetry, by Anne Wilson (primary)

William Stafford for Young Students, by John Fieldler (primary)

Writers in the School, by Cindy Guiet (primary)

Breaking the Silence, by Gloria Canson (secondary)

Cycle of Redemption, by Barb Murray (secondary)

Environmental, by Stacy Erickson (secondary)

Writing Down My Family, by Robin Judd (secondary)

Writing Our Place in the World, by Carol Knutson (secondary)

Writing Process, by Erin Ocon (secondary)

Traveling Through the Dark, by Sharon Kirkeby (secondary)

Stafford Teaching Tools

Biographical Timeline by Mary Ruhl