Teaching a Group of Poems on a Theme/Topic

(A nonexhaustive index of William Stafford Archive poems and some resources for teaching poetry in conjunction with these topics) Whether an English teacher is interested in teaching a theme and using multiple poems by William Stafford, or a social studies or science teacher is interested in one of these topics and could use poetry as a way to help students to explore the ideas/issues these topics raise, this list of titles available here in the archives might be a place to start. These topics are found again and again in Stafford's poetry - it might be useful for students to find later poems on the same topics and to see the threads as they develop over the years. Likewise, students may find it very interesting to research William Stafford's biography to see how these issues permeated his life. The articles are not specifically linked to William Stafford's poetry, but might be applied to any of these poems.